Do you own a WordPress Blog?

Do you love writing articles?

Want to make money from your blog?

If you have a WordPress blog with loads of informative articles, why not make some money from them? This innovative plugin will help you get a healthy income from your writings. The design and purpose of this program is simple. What’s more is that it has a free version and a much better, fantastic paid version, so you can just use the free version to make some cash, then buy the paid one to really start raking in profits.

How does it work?

Simple, this plugin or program will be added to your WordPress blog. Once that is done you need to customize several features.

You can:

  • NEW!!! Choose whether to use Option to set Time Based or Lifetime Sponsorship

  • NEW!!! Set the number of days for Time Based sponsorship

  • NEW!!! Ability to set and send email reminders to sponsors

  • NEW!!! Ability to send Expired and Reminder emails

  • NEW!!! Ability to create custom content for Expired and Reminder emails

  • NEW!!! URL for cron job to send Expired and Reminder emails

  • Set the amount of sponsors that will appear per article. This number will be the same for each article

  • Set the sponsorship price you will receive. This amount will be the same for each article

  • Write down the terms and conditions for sponsorships on your articles and payments made to you

  • Exclude any articles you don’t want to be advertised or sponsored on

  • Add a PayPal account to receive payments

  • Enable captcha

  • Enable email notifications for yourself and your sponsors

The sponsors, will see if they find your articles to be a good place for advertising their services. They will send the appropriate message and business logo they need, accept your terms and conditions and pay you via PayPal to have their products sponsored or advertised. You can review and accept their proposals while earning some valuable cash.

With the paid version, you willl get full on tech support to guide you and captcha +email notifications.  You also get free updates and improvements! The paid version is yes paid, but highly affordable and way more beneficial and efficient than the free one. Get it now and start earning some extra cash easily!




  • Displays Business Name, Website Address (link), and Description
  • Add Logo
  • Option to make Upload Logo Mandatory (helps reduce spam)
  • Displays our Sponsor Details at the top of the sponsor list
  • Limit the number of Sponsor per post (global setting)
  • Set the sponsorship price (global setting)
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Exclude Categories from Sponsorship
  • Supports Captcha
  • Email Notifications (Form Submissions and Listing Activation)
  • Paypal Payment Integration
  • Manually Add Sponsors
  • Support
  • Subscribe and be notified about the Publisher and Sponsor Network
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Detailed features of the WordPress Plugin

Sit back, relax, and take a little while to read and watch everything that you'll get included with the Sponsor My Articles WordPress Plugin.

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